Pastor Kofi Mensah

Pastor Kofi Mensah was born and bred in Ghana. He is the senior Pastor of Calvary Temple Church, under the leadership of our Almighty God. CT Church has reached out to our local communities and now to different parts of Australia and the globe. Pastor Kofi Mensah is our spiritual father, and has inspired and fathered many young men and women to become great Godly people. His humility and faithfulness has won many souls for Christ. He is exemplary in character, a trait which easily robs off on all who come in close association with him. As an inspired speaker and expositor of the word of God, one would be in for a life changing experience with the living God on association with him.

Lady Pastor Janet Mensah

Janet Mensah is a very devoted and loyal mother of two lovely children, Tabitha and, Lois. She combines her family commitments creditably well with a responsibility to being a support and the back-bone behind the energetic and Spirit inspired Leadership of Pastor Kofi Mensah. She has the active role of organizing the Music ministry of CT Church as its leader. Lady Pastor Janet Mensah is soft-spoken but behind this is her tower of strength, cheerfulness and persistence of purpose that has inspired a lot of the young women. She is a mentor who answers to the admonition of scripture for the older to teach the young.

CT Church Executive Team